TAKEN by chrissieslave

It was early evening a mild night in the city, I was alone in my motel room, the breeze was wafting through my open balcony door cooling the room.  As always when I travel for work I was getting in touch with my feminine side.  I had showered and shaved very closely so that I was smooth and hairless from my eyebrows down. I had spent a long while applying make up to my satisfaction and now my reflection looked back at me with a red lipped smile.  My eyes were outlined in smokey black, my lashes long and curled, the eyelids a seductive brown red.  I had dried and styled my hair in a halo of frothy curls.


I slowly dressed stepping into my short white mini skirt, sliding it up past my stocking clad legs and white suspender belt smoothing it down over my lacy white knickers.  I carefully pulled on my favourite pink top with a plunging neckline that barely covered my white lace bra. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and smiled again as I placed the large gold hoops in my pierced ears.  I studied myself and decide that I looked better than I did last night when I sat on the motel room balcony and drank white wine and admired the view over the city and river.


The room phone rings and I move across to answer it, it is reception telling me they have an outside call for me.  I ask them to put the call through, wondering who it could be.  As a female voice says hello and begins explaining who she is, I notice some movement from the corner of my eye. I turn and see that everything is normal. It must have been the curtain blowing in the wind.  I return my attention to the telephone but the woman has hung up.


I pick up my wine and take a sip, just as I hear a knock on the door, "Shit" I think "I can't open it dressed like this."  I creep quietly to the door spy hole and peer through.  Suddenly a hand covers my mouth and pulls me backward and I lose balance on my stilletos. As I fall back my arms are pinned at my sides and I feel a prick in my arm...everything goes black.

The darkness recedes, gradually I become aware of a thin beam of light and I recognise a tyre, a garbage bag before I fade back into the black. 


Again I struggle back to consciousness, after a brief struggle I realise my wrists are bound together the palms of my hands facing each other, my ankles are also forced together by gaffa tape.  Eventually I realise that to struggle is useless and lapse into a fitful sleep.


Bright light jars me awake, a hand slaps my face. "Wake up slut" a female voice says. As I come back to the world I see a tall dark haired woman and a strongly built man standing in front of me. "Ahh the slut is awake'" the woman says, "you are probably wondering where you are? Well you are here at my pleasure if you do everything you are told we may let you go."  "But, but why am I here " I ask tentatively. "My associates and I saw you the other night when you were sitting on the balcony of your room and decided that you would look lovely being used as the whore you obviously are."


"Let me go" I demand and a slap to the face knocks me to the floor. "You are in no position to demand anything cunt." the woman shrieks in anger. "Stand up bitch." I slowly get to my feet. "You will do exactly as you are told or you will be beaten, understand? "Yes" I whimper. "Good" she says, "now get on your knees"  I fall shakily to my knees. "Raymond" she says to the man " you know what to do"

Raymond walks over to me and fastens a black leather collar around my neck and locks it at the back. Then he attaches a leash. Next he is undoing his trousers and pulling them down. He grabs the leash and pulls me closer to him. "Open wide slut," he growls as he grabs hold of the 2 d rings on either side of the collar and proceeds to face fuck me.  His by now hard cock is pounded remorselessly into my mouth over and over again penetrating deep into my throat making me gag. Raymond is now fucking my throat using it at will and I can do nothing to stop him. Suddenly my gagging intesifies and he quickly pulls out as I vomit on to the floor.


I feel a hand grab my arm and feel another needle prick as conciousness fades away I hear "Oh excellent Raymond, excellent I think the slut enjoyed that. She is going to be so very entertaining for us."

I struggle back to awareness. As I become more aware I realise I am bound to a chair, that is opposite a mirror. The first thing I really notice is that my hair has been dyed blonde and that my eyebrows have been plucked into thin arches. The collar is still locked around my neck and I am now dressed in a red bikini. As I come to grips with all of this the door to the room opens. A different man enters and unbinds my legs and arms after first attaching a leash and warning me to behave. He pulls me up and tugs on the lead and I follow him through the door.


I am led into another larger room, in the middle of which is a small stainless steel table. About 6 people are seated around the edge of the room.

I am led to the table and made to lean over it so that I am lying on it with my bum poking out one side and my head the other. My legs are spread wide and chained to the table legs as are my arms.


The woman who spoke to me previously stands and addresses the group.  "Ladies and gentlemen this is the slut I told you of, isn't she a lovely one?" "She is here for your pleasure."  "Please let me go" I cry "they have kidnapped me I am here against my will."  "That's the idea slut ," says the woman, "you are here to be used, you may scream but I assure you no one will hear you and we will enjoy it"


With that comment she lifts her dress and reveals a large strap on dildo that she shoves into my mouth. I can hardly breathe, as I struggle against my bonds I feel a hard cock between my bum cheeks and intense pain as it is thrust into me in one motion. I know it has probably torn me. "Ohh ho," he laughs "the cunt is so tight I have split her and she is bleeding like a virgin."  This fact just seems to make him more excited and he thrusts into me causing me to scream into the dildo that is now making me gag and drool helplessly.


The man continues to fuck my arse cunt and now he starts to slap my arse cheeks causing me so much pain. The woman pulls out of my mouth and I scream out "please stop I will do what ever you want please please stop." A man steps forward and says " we know you will slut" as he pushes his hard cock into my mouth and proceeds to fuck my face.


This goes on for what seems like hours as one after the other they fuck my face or pussy with their cocks and dildos. All I can do is whimper.


Eventually they stop and I am released from the table the bikini is refitted to me and I am led by the leash and collar out of the room, down a long corridor and through a door into a garage. I am pushed into the back seat of a car, I am too weak to care.  The car reverses from the garage into the street and takes off.  After a short while the car stops and I am pushed out of the door.  I fall on the ground, as I get up the car drives off and I realise they have left me in front of my motel wearing the red bikini and with the collar still locked around my throat.